About Airlabs

A diverse and experienced team of professionals with a common goal: to reduce exposure to air pollution in cities worldwide

About Airlabs

Airlabs, founded in 2014, is a research and design based organisation. The company was co-founded by professor Matthew S. Johnson, to bring his patented air cleaning technology to cities.

Airlabs is supported by SGO, an investment group focused on achieving profound social impact through the application of technology-enabled solutions.

Our work is the result of active collaboration with some of the world’s leading applied environmental research institutes, especially the Institute of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen.

We aim to work with local and national governments, as well as citizens, to implement our solutions and grow our impact of pollution reduction to reach citizens around the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the impact of polluted air on citizens, focusing on critical high density pollution exposure areas in cities around the world. We can build citywide systems that remove atmospheric pollutants (including gas-phase pollutants and particulate matter) and produce large volumes of clean air to improve the quality of life for citizens. Our goal is to reduce exposure in an effective way where the benefits exceed the cost of action.

What do we do

Airlabs designs and manufactures a new generation of air cleaning systems that are cost-effective, energy-efficient and deployable in large-scale, open and closed space applications.


Our team brings together experts from widely varying disciplines: from atmospheric chemistry to pollution monitoring, from fluid dynamics to environmental health and from economics to engineering and design.

Key team members

Sophie Power – CEO and Co-Founder

Matthew S. Johnson – Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder

Antonio Mugica – Chairman

Career Opportunities

Airlabs is a growing company and we have open positions from time to time.

Below are the currently open positions at Airlabs. We are always on the lookout for new talent so if you don’t see an open position but feel your profile and skills would bring a meaningful contribution to the Airlabs team, please reach out to us.

Open Positions:

  • Consumer Products Manager


Our business hub is located in London, while our scientific research, design, and product development hubs are located in Copenhagen and Amsterdam.