Over 80% of people in cities are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution

Modern cities often have high levels of pollution due to high emissions within them and poor ventilation due to building concentration.

Areas of very high pollution, “hotspots”, can occur across the city and pose increased risk to the health of its residents and workers.

What is a Pollution Hotspot?

high volume of people


high emission of pollution


poor ventilation

= pollution hotspot

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In cities, the pollution we breathe comes from many sources including transport, industry and building emissions.

Harmful Urban Pollutants


Nitrogen Dioxide

Gas phase pollutant


Particulate Matter

Solid or liquid state pollutant

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Who is Most Affected by Air Pollution


Pregnant Women

The Elderly

Public Transportation Users

Car Drivers

Residents and Employees on Busy Roads

Health Effects of Air Pollution


Stunts brain growth in fetuses, brain development in young children and cognition abilities in adults


Leads to cardiovasuclar diseases such as stroke and heart disease. Also can intensify existing conditions


Stunts growth in children, reduces functioning capacity in adults, causes lung cancer and asthma




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