The CleanAir Bench draws in polluted air, and removes up to 95% of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) before letting it out for you to breathe

The safe exposure level of NO2 as set by the World Health Organisation is:



The current level of NO2 on Oxford Street is:


What is the CleanAir bench?

The CleanAir bench is a street furniture clean air solution located on Bird Street, just off of Oxford Street in London.

It is an installation that is part of the world’s first smart street.

The Airlabs team of atmospheric chemists and airflow engineers have developed the bench so that it removes nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter from polluted air and lets the air out for people sitting on the bench to breathe.

How does it work?

Polluted air is drawn in the back of the bench by 8 fans. These fans pass the air over Airlabs patented pollution removing media in a 2-phase process.

The media has been developed specifically for London’s toxic cocktail of nitrogen dioxide, a gas phase pollutant and particulate matter, a solid or liquid state pollutant. Learn more about the pollutants removed by Airlabs technology here.

The fans continue to blow the air out of the outlets located strategically to create the greatest clean air zone possible.

A clean air zone is formed around the bench due to its shape and the positioning of the clean air outlets.

The bench is powered by electricity but does not require more than powering a few standard light bulbs.

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Airlabs CleanAir Bench 51.514439, -0.150800 Airlabs CleanAir Bench - Oxford Street (Directions)

Nitrogen Dioxide levels on Oxford Street

“This information has been obtained from the Environmental Research Group of Kings College London, using data from the London Air Quality Network. This information is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence. “

What are the impacts of the bench?

The bench removes health harming urban pollutants which reduces the exposure of people sitting on the bench.

The concept behind the CleanAir bench and other Airlabs technology is to reduce pollution exposure in air pollution hotspots.

Curious to find out more about what a hotspot is and why its necessary to reduce your exposure? Read more

The air cleaned by this bench could fill more than 100 every day