Our technology creates clean air zones in polluted cities

How do We Clean the Air?

Our City Air technology is a multi-stage treatment of polluted air which delivers clean air targeted at users.

Particles (PM2.5) are trapped by a tailored filtration system before gas pollutants, such as NO2, are absorbed by specialist media within our units. Learn more about the air pollution we clean.

Our technology was independently tested by King’s College London at their air quality monitoring location on Marylebone Road, one of the most polluted roads in London.

This confirmed removal rates of over 87% of nitrogen dioxide, which has since been improved to over 95% in our testing of units.

Airlabs’ team of airflow engineers have developed ways to optimise clean air zones around our units – so we maximise the benefits to users.

This is a promising approach for decreasing pollution concentrations in specific micro environments in urban areas
David Green, King’s College

How Do We Create a Clean Air Zone?

Pollution hotspots – areas of poor ventilation and high emissions where pollutants build up are also the most effective areas to create a zone of clean air!

We use sensor measurements, as well as atmospheric data and airflow models to understand the area to be cleaned.

Our engineers then use advanced computational modelling as well as atmospheric chemistry know how to both clean the air effectively and create the zone required.

Based on these results, our design team then develop units to fit into the urban landscape.

Development and Implementation of Technology

Airlabs designs sensors to place within our units, providing live monitoring data.

In our current installations we are using advanced portable sensors to measure our clean air zones across a range of meteorological conditions.

Airlabs Solutions Are


Applications of our technology span from roadside installations to throughout the transport network, or in public spaces.

We can design solutions for public institutions such as schools and hospitals, as well as stations and passenger shelters.


Airlabs technology is the only technology proven to treat both particulate matter and gas phase pollutants including Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) in ambient air. We can remove over 95% of these pollutants.


Our units are designed to optimize the area of clean air – delivering clean air where people need to breathe it. We are able to model pollution and airflow across a city and provide a blueprint to city governments on effective locations to reduce exposure.

Samples of Work

CleanAir Bench

The CleanAir bench is a product that draws in polluted air, removes pollutants, and delivers cleaned air back for users to breathe.

For urbanites, the CleanAir bench provides an opportunity to take a seat and give both their legs and their lungs a break from the daily grind of city living.
Read more about the CleanAir Bench

Pollution Fighting Bus Shelter

Airlabs, The Body Shop, and JCDecaux, teamed up to create an innovative ad campaign that would reduce air pollution exposure for thousands of people in London.

Airlabs clean air solution, removed particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide, inside 3 bus shelters in central London.

Polluted air was cleaned and delivered to the passengers waiting in the bus shelters.
Learn more here

Potential Locations

Transport Networks

Outdoor Restaurants

Public Spaces