AirBubbl - safeguard drivers from
pollution and Coronavirus

AirBubbl: Surrounds drivers and passengers with clean air at all times

Safety belts and airbags protect our bodies when we drive. But what about the air that we breathe? Research shows that the air inside vehicles can be more than two-and-a-half times more polluted than outside. Known to cause heart, lung and other diseases, increased exposure to air pollution can also result in more severe coronavirus symptoms.

Easily attached to most headrests and other vehicle fixtures, AirBubbl offers protection from these health risks, including airborne coronavirus, by filtering more than 95% of airborne pathogens and pollutants and flooding the vehicle with more than 30,000 litres of clean air every hour. Bus, coach and train drivers are surrounded by a personal clean air zone and in smaller vehicles such as cars and vans, both drivers and passengers are protected making it ideal for families and private hire businesses as well as corporate fleets and public transport organisations.

Built for long-term protection against air pollution and future pandemics, each device houses advanced dual action filter technology that removes airborne viruses and pollutants including PM2.5, PM10 nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

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Features and benefits

Protects against airborne virus transmission

Safeguards driver and passenger health by removing more than 95% of airborne pathogens, including Coronavirus, from inside the vehicle.

Advanced removal of particle and gas pollutants

Dual action filter technology removes more than 95% of harmful particle and gas pollution including; PM2.5, PM10, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and Ozone (O3)

World leading clean air delivery rate (CADR)

Patented air flow design floods the vehicle with 30,000 litres of clean air per hour creating a continuous clean air zone for drivers and passengers.

Triple action clean air technology

Dual filter technology that removes both airborne particles and gas pollution combined with patented air flow design keeps vehicle occupants surrounded by clean air at all times.

Easy to operate

Simple to control from the device itself or the AirBubbl smartphone app. Custom features include switching on/off in tandem with the engine for additional efficiency.

Compact and easy to install

Easily attached to most headrests and other cabin fixtures the AirBubbl is compatible with a range of mounting options and common power sources.

Technical specifications

Advanced car air purifier with unique nano carbon filter and patented airflow design.

Filter type

Airlabs’ filter cartridge contains a high grade particle filter, along with a patented nanocarbon layer, allowing for highly effective removal of particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) as well as VOCs, ozone and other pollutants

Filter lifetime

1000 hours

Filter replacement indicator




Speed settings

2 settings, normal or boost mode


Manually or via the AirBubbl app.


Compatible with Android and iOS devices. System requirements: iOS 8.0+, iPhone 4s or later, iPod touch (5th Gen or later), Android Snapdragon or later


Space grey, brushed aluminium, grey fabric cover, grey strap





Noise level

44 dBA in Normal mode, 48 dBA in Boost mode

Power supply

USB-C inlet. 5V, 2.1 A (10W). Powered via USB to car power adapter or other suitable USB power supply (5V, 2.1A)

Frequently asked questions

What does the AirBubbl remove?

The AirBubbl is the most effective product on the market and has been developed to remove a wide spectrum of air pollutants. The key pollutants the AirBubbl removes include ‘gases’ such as nitrogen dioxide, ozone, VOCs and particulates such as dust, PM2.5, PM10, bacteria and odour.

Will I be breathing cleaner air?

Yes. At AirLabs we believe it’s not only important to remove pollution from the air, but also to the deliver clean air back to you in the most optimal way possible. Therefore, we have used advanced airflow modelling to create unique outlets for clean air to be pushed directly into the drivers and passengers breathing path.

How does the AirBubbl differ to a portable air cleaner?

The AirBubbl is superior to existing portable air cleaners for two reasons. The first reason is effectiveness – the majority of portable air cleaners have a focus on particles and are not capable of removing large volumes of gases. They are primarily comprised on a HEPA filter and activated charcoal shavings, which have a low capacity for catching gases. The AirBubbl has been created using a re-engineered nano carbon filter that removes over 95% of the gases that pass through it. The second reason is the air delivery – the AirBubbl is the only product on the market that not only cleans polluted air but also delivers it directly back to the driver and passengers.

How big is the AirBubbl?

The AirBubbl is 31.5 cm in length and 11.7 cm in diameter.

How do I control the AirBubbl?

If you would like to remote control the AirBubbl, go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and download the AirBubbl app. The AirBubbl app also enables you to register your AirBubbl, buy a replacement filter and get access to other features.
If you do not want to use the app, you can fully operate AirBubbl manually using the button.

How often do I need to change the filter?

We recommend changing the filter every 6 months, depending on the usage. However, the AirBubbl has a filter replacement indicator. If the LED-indicator on the AirBubbl starts flashing red, it is time to change the filter. If you are using the AirBubbl app, you will receive a notification.

Can I use the AirBubbl outside of the car?

Yes. Although optimally designed for in-car use, the AirBubbl is still highly effective outside of the car. It can be used in an office or your child’s room, just make sure to use a plug with a 2.1A USB outlet. We would suggest standing the AirBubbl up if it is used outside of the car. This way it will deliver clean air upwards to your mouth.

How do I become a distributor?

We are currently speaking to worldwide distributors and if you are interested in distributing the AirBubbl in your country then please contact our Sales team here.

AirBubbl Fleet FAQs

What does the AirBubbl specifically remove from the air?

The patented filter in the AirBubbl removes both particulate matter (PM) and gases. With regards to PM, the AirBubbl is effective across a vast spectrum of particle sizes, ranging from larger specks of dust which can be seen suspended in the air down to the smallest microscopic nanoparticles. This is achieved through a high grade F8 particulate filter and includes particulates such as dust, pollen, soot, fibres, PM2.5 and PM10, along with bacteria and viruses. As well as this, the AirBubbl also implements an advanced nanocarbon filtration phase, effectively removing all of the following gases: Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Ozone, Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene.
The removal rates are up to 95% for PM and harmful gases as a result of the patented technology and design that the AirBubbl incorporates.

How do I know it is working?

We cannot see the particulate matter and gases that the AirBubbl removes from the air that we breathe, so it is not always easy to clearly “see the difference” that it makes. However, AirLabs regularly receives customer feedback reporting that they can feel a difference within the vehicle in terms of how clean and fresh the air is to breathe. This is particularly common in respiratory condition sufferers who are far more acutely aware of air quality. In addition, AirLabs can provide a catalogue of data that demonstrates the levels of pollutants that build up within a vehicle and corresponding data when an AirBubbl is installed and how much of the harmful pollutants are removed, as well as how quickly. As a part of this, a third party – Enviro Technology Services – have confirmed the performance of the AirBubbl in independent expert testing against a range of products from this sector. AirLabs can also conduct air quality measurements for potential clients to demonstrate to them just how effective the product is should they wish.

My car has a filter built into the ventilation system, doesn’t that protect me?

All vehicles will have an inline filter built into the ventilation system of the vehicle, this is typically referred to as a pollen or cabin filter. These units are built to a minimal cost within the overall production of a vehicle and are very basic in their design and operation. 3rd party studies conducted on the performance of a range of standard cabin filters resulted in a range of removal ratios for particulate matter between 1% and 90%, and in most cases minimal removal performance with regards to harmful gases. Furthermore, the in-cabin filters do not protect occupants against pollutants that enter the vehicle via means outside of the ventilation system (windows, doors, seals, other occupants). As such a dedicated high-performance in-vehicle air cleaner is the only way to provide occupants protection from the air pollution that builds up within a vehicle.

How quickly will the AirBubbl clean the air in my vehicle?

The AirBubbl will clean a typical vehicle cabin of up to 95% of the pollutants within 12 minutes, based on the windows being closed and the vehicle’s ventilation set to low and recirculation. Air cleaning within a vehicle is influenced by several factors which should be considered in relation to this question. The performance figures for the AirBubbl will be affected by windows and doors being opened, and the ventilation settings being set to higher fan speed and not recirculation. The device itself is rated to provide 30 cubic meters of completely clean air per hour, which is class leading based on the size and weight of the AirBubbl device.

There are less expensive alternatives on the market, will they work the same way?

There are a variety of air purifiers and air cleaners on the market, but they do not all perform in the same way. These include ionisers, ozonators, particulate filters, HEPA filters and carbon filters. The filtration system utilised within the AirBubbl has been designed to provide the maximum performance capabilities for both air cleaning and airflow. Examples of all types of available filtration methods have been thoroughly benchmarked and laboratory tested alongside the AirBubbl. Nothing performs as quickly and effectively in removing both particulate matter and gases as the AirBubbl within its price range. The reports demonstrating this can be provided on request.

How is the device powered?

The device is powered via USB C cable (device) to USB A (power source) and requires a minimum of 2.1 A output from the source. Typical power solutions include vehicle 12V sockets with 12V adaptor (provided), 2.1 A USB ports within the vehicle, 3 pin auxiliary supply (2.1 A 3 pin adaptor not provided) and 2.1 A output power banks. The device can also be hardwired into the vehicle’s ignition live 12v power supply. It is important to note that specific vehicles may have “permanently live” 12V sockets or USB ports, and in this instance the device should be unplugged when the vehicle is not in use to avoid battery drain.

How long does the filter last?

1000 hours. After this amount of time the AirBubbl will indicate the need for a filter change with a continuous red flashing of the LEDs. The filter should then be replaced as soon as possible.

Who changes the filters and is it easy to do?

Filter changes are completely user friendly and can be completed in minutes. The used filters can be disposed of with standard / general waste. Replacement filters are available through all of our sales channels.

Why should I install the AirBubbl in my fleet vehicles?

Providing employees who spend large periods of their working day in a vehicle with a safe, healthy working environment should be a top priority for all employers – it is simply the right thing to do and as an employer there is a duty of care to look after those who work for you. The air quality within vehicles is time and time again shown to be beyond World Health Organisation limits and as such if there is a way to protect drivers such as the AirBubbl, it should be implemented. Further information on fleet implementation and benefits can be provided by your AirLabs representative.

What level of sound does the AirBubbl produce when in operation?

The AirBubbl airflow system operates by drawing polluted air through the filters and redistributing the clean air via directional fans within the casing, these produce a small amount of sound when in operation. This is comparable with the existing ventilation system within a vehicle, as such the AirBubbl is not particularly noticeable or distracting during its operation. The AirBubbl is rated at 44 dBa in Normal mode and 48 dBa in Boost mode.

What if I would like to install the product into a vehicle that does not have a standard headrest mounting solution, such as a van, minibus, ambulance etc?

There are a wide variety of custom mounting solutions available for almost any vehicle. Please get in touch with your AirLabs representative to discuss how these can be explored and a suitable solution identified.

What is the process if I have an issue with a product?

To get support with your product, please contact our Support team here. To learn more about our products’ warranties, please visit our Warranty page here.

The AirBubbl has been tested and conformed to the following standards:


Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • EN 301 489-1 V2.2.0
  • EN 50498: 2010
  • EN 55014:2017

Radio emissions

  • EN 300 328 V2 1.1


  • EN 62479:2010

Electrical safety

  • EN 60950
  • EN 60335

Warranty duration by territory:

EEA – 2 years

Rest of world – 1 year

To learn more about our products’ warranties, please visit our Warranty page here.