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AiroSafe: Boost passenger confidence, restore revenues

The impact of Coronavirus has been devastating for public transport. So how do operators and authorities protect passengers and ensure that they feel confident to travel once more?

AiroSafe from AirLabs is a first-of-its-kind air filtration device that can be fitted to every seat on board a bus, train or subway carriage. Using advanced dual action filter technology, it removes more than 95% of airborne Coronavirus, pollutants, and noxious gases while returning a non-stop flow of clean air back to the passenger. Easy to fit to most seats and vehicle fixtures, AiroSafe drastically reduces the transmission risk of airborne pathogens, restoring passenger confidence - and income to transport organisations hit hardest by the Coronavirus lockdown.

Removing airborne coronavirus
before it can reach passengers

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Key features/Benefits

Protects against airborne virus transmission

Removes more than 95% of airborne pathogens, including Coronavirus, from bus, train and subway passenger compartments.

Advanced removal of particle and gas pollutants

Dual action filter technology removes more than 95% of harmful PM2.5, PM10 and toxic gases such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and Ozone (O3).

World leading clean air delivery rate (CADR)

Each AiroSafe delivers 30,000 litres of clean air an hour creating a continuous clean air zone around the passenger.

Triple action clean air technology

Dual filter technology that removes both airborne particles and gas pollution combined with patented air flow design delivers high volumes of clean air straight to passengers.

Mounting flexibility

Supplied with a range of mounting brackets and fixing options, AiroSafe can be fitted in most public transport settings.

Robust and easy to maintain

Lightweight, but built to withstand the rigors of public transport, AiroSafe is easy to install, tamper proof, and designed for long-term operation with minimal service requirements.

Sustainable, low cost solution

Low energy consumption reduces the overall lifetime cost of AiroSafe and maximises return on investment.

Technical specifications

Advanced passenger seat air purifier designed specifically for Public transport with unique nano carbon filter and patented airflow design.

Filter type

AiroSafe’s filter cartridge contains a high grade particle filter, along with a patented nanocarbon layer, allowing for highly effective elimination of particulate matter (PM) comprehensively and efficiently, removing more than 95% of airborne pathogens, viruses, pollen, bacteria, PM2.5 and PM10.

Filter lifetime

>4000 hours

Filter replacement indicator




Noise level

40 dBA

Power supply

A power supply of between 24VDC and 110VDC is required at each unit installation.






Space grey, brushed aluminium, with option for fabric or vinyl cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AiroSafe?

AiroSafe is a first-of-its-kind device that extracts >90% of potentially contaminated air exhaled by both seated & standing passengers with each unit delivering 500 litres of clean air per minute. Onboard a bus or train, every seat can be fitted with an AiroSafe device providing a bubble of clean air that surrounds each seated passenger, which helps to drastically reduce the transmission risk of airborne coronavirus.

What does the AiroSafe remove?

The patented filter in the AiroSafe removes particulate matter (PM) from the air immediately surrounding a seated passenger and is effective across a vast spectrum of particle sizes, ranging from larger specks of dust which can be seen suspended in the air down to the smallest microscopic nanoparticles. This is achieved through a high grade F8 particulate filter and includes particulates such as dust, pollen, soot, fibres, PM2.5 and PM10, along with bacteria and viruses.

Where can the AiroSafe be used?

AiroSafe has been designed specifically for use in both buses and train carriages, trams, minibuses, and coaches, of all sizes and seat layouts.

How does the AiroSafe work?

The AiroSafe processes 500 litres of air per minute. Air is filtered inside the device, removing airborne pathogens and general air pollution. The captured virus material stays behind inside the filter, dries out and quickly dies. The clean air is released into the cabin atmosphere through an outlet that does not cause any inconvenience to the passengers. Through the cleverly designed air outlet the gangway is flooded with clean air, reducing the risk of infection for standing passengers.

Why should I install the AiroSafe in my fleet vehicles?

Providing every passengers who chooses to travel on Public transport, be it by bus or train, with a safe, healthy working environment should be a top priority for all Transport Operators & Authorities – it is simply the right thing to do and there is a duty of care to look after those who choose or need to travel with you. The air quality within vehicles is time and time again shown to be beyond World Health Organisation limits and as such if there is a way to protect passengers with solutions such as the AiroSafe, it should be implemented. Further information on fleet implementation and benefits can be provided by your AirLabs representative.

Will I be breathing cleaner air?

Yes. At AirLabs we believe it’s not only important to remove pollution from the air, but also to the deliver clean air back to you in the most optimal way possible. Therefore, we have used advanced airflow modelling to create unique outlets for clean air to be pushed directly into the drivers and passengers breathing path.

How does the AiroSafe differ to an HVAC system?

The AiroSafe is superior to existing HVAC systems for two reasons. The first reason is effectiveness – the majority of HVAC systems have a focus on filtering and recycling air across the entire bus or train carriage and are not capable of removing airborne viral and particulate matter at an individual passenger level. The AiroSafe has been created using a re-engineered nano carbon filter that removes over 95% of the particulate that pass through it. The second reason is the air delivery – the AiroSafe is the only product on the market that not only cleans polluted air but also delivers it directly back to passengers.

How can I purchase the AiroSafe?

If you are interested in implementing in the AiroSafe, please contact our Sales team here.

How do I become a distributor?

We are currently speaking to worldwide distributors and if you are interested in distributing the AiroSafe in your country then please contact our Sales Team here.

How do I know it is working?

We cannot see the the majority of the particulate matter the AiroSafe removes from the air that we breathe, so it is not always easy to clearly “see the difference” that it makes. However, AirLabs regularly receives customer feedback reporting that they can feel a difference within the vehicle in terms of how clean and fresh the air is to breathe. This is particularly common in respiratory condition sufferers who are far more acutely aware of air quality. In addition, AirLabs can provide a catalogue of data that demonstrates the levels of pollutants that build up within a vehicle and corresponding data when AiroSafe is installed and how much of the harmful pollutants are removed, as well as how quickly. As a part of this, a third party – Institut Louis Pasteur – have confirmed the performance of the AiroSafe in independent expert testing. AirLabs can also conduct air quality measurements for potential clients to demonstrate to them just how effective the product is should they wish.

How quickly will the AiroSafe clean the air in my vehicle?

The AiroSafe will clean a typical vehicle cabin of up to 95% of the pollutants within 12 minutes, based on the windows being closed and the vehicle’s HVAC set to ‘low’ and recirculation. Air cleaning within a vehicle is influenced by several factors which should be considered in relation to this question. The performance figures for the AiroSafe will be affected by windows and doors being opened, and the HVAC settings being set to higher fan speed and not recirculation. The device itself is rated to provide 30 cubic meters of completely clean air per hour per unit, which is class leading based on the size and weight of the AiroSafe device.

There are other alternatives on the market, will they work the same way?

There are a variety of air purifiers and air cleaners on the market that can be used in conjunction with bus and train carriage HVAC systems, but they do not all perform in the same way. These include ionisers, ozonators, particulate filters, HEPA filters and carbon filters. The filtration system utilised within the AiroSafe has been designed to provide the maximum performance capabilities for both air cleaning and airflow. Examples of all types of available filtration methods have been thoroughly benchmarked and laboratory tested alongside the AiroSafe. Nothing performs as quickly and effectively in removing both particulate matter and gases as the AiroSafe within its price range. The reports demonstrating this can be provided on request.

What level of sound does the AiroSafe produce when in operation?

The AiroSafe airflow system operates by drawing polluted air through the filters and redistributing the clean air via a directional fan within the casing, this produces a small amount of sound when in operation. This is comparable with the existing ventilation system within a vehicle, as such the AiroSafe is not particularly noticeable or distracting during its operation. The AiroSafe is rated at 40 dBA.

What maintenance does the AiroSafe require?

AiroSafe does not require any maintenance other than periodic replacement of the filter cartridge (easily replaced in less than 1 minute).

How often do I need to change the filter?

We recommend changing the filter every 6 months, depending on the usage. However, the AiroSafe has a filter replacement indicator. If the LED-indicator on the AiroSafe starts flashing red, it is time to change the filter.

How long does the filter last?

4000 hours. After this amount of time the Airosafe will indicate the need for a filter change with a continuous red flashing of the LEDs. The filter should then be replaced as soon as possible.

Who changes the filters and is it easy to do?

Filter changes are completely user friendly and can be completed in minutes. The used filters can be disposed of with standard / general waste. Replacement filters are available through all of our sales channels.

What is the process if I have an issue with a product?

To get support with your product, please contact our customer support team here. To learn more about our product warranties, please view the ‘warranty’ tab.


The AiroSafe has been tested and conformed to the following standards:

Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • EN 301 489-1 V2.2.0
  • EN 50498: 2010
  • EN 55014:2017

Radio emissions

  • EN 300 328 V2 1.1


  • EN 62479:2010


  • EN 60950
  • EN 60335

Specific bus and rail certification details are available on request.


The AiroSafe benefits from a comprehensive 2 year manufacturer warranty, applicable from the date of purchase. To get support with your product, please contact our Support team here.

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    Restoring confidence in public transport

    AiroSafe is a first-of-its-kind device that removes more than 95% of air pollution and airborne viruses from a bus, train or subway carriages, while returning 500 litres of clean air per minute directly to passengers. With a range of mountings for most seats and vehicle fixtures, AiroSafe drastically reduces the transmission risk of airborne coronavirus.


    Our solutions in action

    We installed the AirBubbl into our fleet of vehicles to provide confidence to our clients that we are going the extra mile to ensure their safety and welfare at the highest level. The feedback we have had from our clients has been very positive and the AirBubbl will remain in our fleet after the present situation returns to normal.

    I believe that the AirBubbl, along with other measures I will be implementing, should help to make our cars as safe and healthy as possible when we come out of the current lock-down and resume business. I know business will be slow to start with, but at least I will be confident that we are making an effort and ensuring that our drivers and passengers are working in the safest environment we can provide.

    Here at EA Chauffeurs we felt that the AirBubbl from AirLabs was the only item on the market at the moment - combined with our existing sanitising measures that would instil complete confidence in our customers that we were doing everything possible to protect their health during this unprecedented period.

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