How healthy is the air in your building?

Cleaner air means a healthier, happier,
and more productive workplace.

Why choose the AirBubbl for your offices?

Workplace safety and business efficiency are under the spotlight like never before. You’re doing everything you can to protect your employees and visitors. There’s no better time to install air filtration systems in your building. Regular surface cleaning helps, but air purification closes the gap in between, continuously cleaning the air of airborne viruses and allergens that can linger for hours.

99%+ air pollution removal

Tested and verified to filter more than 99% of toxic gases, particles and particulate allergens.

99%+ pathogen and allergy removal

Independently tested and verified by the Institut Pasteur on live airborne human coronavirus.

Exceptional clean air delivery rate

Generates 38,000 litres of clean air per hour, refreshing the air in an average school bus every six minutes.

Low running cost

Requires no maintenance other than scheduled filter replacements.

Keep people safe and healthy indoors

Compact and beautifully designed, the AirBubbl is reassuringly present yet discreetly installed in workspaces, elevators, washrooms or any other small spaces. Unlike UVC products, Airbubbl’s highly effective combination of HEPA filters and nan-carbon technology delivers pure clean air without producing harmful by-products, such as ozone.

AirBubbl, the only air purifier independently verified to remove 99% + of airborne viruses, toxic particles and gas pollutants

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