Are you taking advantage of funds from the Energy Saving Trust?

AirBubbl is pre-approved for funding!

It is critical for bus and coach operators across Scotland to continue to demonstrate the highest standards of health and safety within their vehicles. There is still a notable gap, specifically for drivers, in removing airborne pathogens and reducing the risk of airborne infection.

It is this airborne contagion risk that drivers are so susceptible to when carrying out their role to keep public transport moving. Operators are doing everything they reasonably can for driver health and safety, yet revenue and budgets continue to be a major concern.

Help is at hand in the form of the Energy Savings Trust grant called the COVID-19 Public Transport Retrofit Fund, which has been put in place to provide financial support to bus and coach companies in Scotland but, time is running out, applications close on 15th March 2021.

At AirLabs we have developed the AirBubbl, a small and compact unit that will easily fit in the driver cab, capable of removing in excess of 95% of airborne pollutants and pathogens, including coronavirus. This creates cleaner, safer spaces for every driver, on every bus, every day.

Already in use in buses, ambulances and private hire vehicles around the world, the AirBubbl is a critical element in driver protection ensuring their health and ability to do their job confidently.

The good news for all bus and coach operators is that the AirBubbl has already been pre-approved for the COVID-19 Public Transport Retrofit Fund and as such allows for up to 75% of any bus or coach fleet to be fully supported with the purchase and installation process, making the decision to enhance the driver safety measures in place an easy one.

For more information on AirBubbl, please visit our web page here, or contact Mike Miles on / +44 020 3947 8194.

Find out more about the Public Transport Retrofit Fund here.