Give your employees the gift of clean air

The only air purifier independently verified to remove 99% + of airborne coronavirus, toxic particles and gas pollutants.

Provide wellbeing in the workplace

Clean air is essential for the health, concentration and long-term well-being of your employees. Yet every day they fill their lungs with dangerous levels of air pollution, viruses and allergens on their daily commute, in the workplace and at home.

Everywhere you look, poor air quality prevents employees from living and working to their full potential.

All that changes with the AirBubbl

Give your employees the gift of clean air

Why AirBubbl is THE only choice

99%+ coronavirus removal

Independently tested and verified by the Institut Pasteur on live airborne human coronavirus.

99% + removal of air pollution

Tested and verified to filter more than 99% of toxic gases, particles and particulate allergens.

Exceptional clean
air delivery rate

Generates 38,000 liters of clean air per hour.

Does no

Generates zero harmful byproducts, such as ozone.

Low total cost of ownership

Requires no maintenance other than scheduled filter replacements.

Boost your benefits program

Portable and simple to use, the AirBubbl is the ideal addition to your benefits program. Designed to meet the needs of today’s health-conscious employees, the AirBubbl is a great way to make your benefit program stand out to new hires and existing staff.

Portable and simple to use in the car, workplace, or at home. Each device delivers the user with a breathtaking 38,000 liters of clean air per hour sending a clear message to employees that you put their health and wellbeing first.

Tested to the limits, proven to protect

Independently tested and proven to remove more than 99% of airborne coronavirus and allergens, the AirBubbl gives employees control over their environment and the peace of mind that comes from breathing clean air.

Plug it in, switch it on and within moments your colleagues will notice the difference as clean air floods their breathing space. Just as effective at removing air pollution the AirBubbl filters more than 99% of toxic gases and particles, protecting employees from physical and mental illnesses triggered by regular exposure to air pollution including heart disease, lung disease and depression.

What customers have to say about the AirBubbl

“The worst thing that could happen to my twins was heavy traffic. Since they were three years old, from one day to another, they started suffering from asthma. After using the AirBubbl for seven months, they are happier, and they don’t complain about visiting grandpa. Heavy traffic was not the problem, it was the dirty air they were breathing.”

-Maddie Abinuman

“We’ve become really aware and concerned about the air pollution crisis which is affecting cities across the UK. Our Red Bull Musketeers spend a lot of time driving in cities and their health and wellbeing is vitally important to us, so installing an AirBubbl in all of our new cars is a positive step to look after our staff, as any responsible business should.”

-David Oliver, Procurement Manager, Red Bull

“Over the last few years, pollen and dust has really affected my asthma. AirBubbl keeps my asthma under control and protects me from harmful pollutants as well as helping me to breathe better and think better too.”

– Clare Crosley, Head of Customer Experience, AirLabs

Helping our customers breathe easy