Keeping people safe,
getting business back on the move

Protecting drivers
and passengers from airborne pathogens
and pollution

How will you keep your customers
and colleagues safe?

Enclosed spaces inside vehicles such as cars, buses, trains and trams are high risk zones for airborne coronavirus transmission. With contaminated aerosols remaining live and suspended in the air for up to three hours, how can you protect your drivers and passengers?

Long-term pollution is also harmful to health. Research shows that the air inside public transport and private vehicles can be more than two-and-a-half times more polluted than outside. Transport stations and platforms are also common zones for unsafe levels of air pollution. Known to cause heart, lung and other diseases, increased exposure to air pollution can also result in more severe Coronavirus symptoms.

AirLabs tackles both these challenges head on. Our unique particle and gas filtration, and patented airflow technology removes airborne pollution and pathogens including Coronavirus, from most vehicle and transport settings. Coupled with AirIntel, our air quality monitoring system, stations and platforms can be managed and monitored, and data shared with colleagues and customers to improve confidence and inform changes to the environment.

The airborne transmission route is highly virulent and dominant for the spread of COVID-19

Clean air non-stop from road to rail

  • Public
  • Private hire
    and taxi
  • Emergency
  • Corporate
  • Personal

Protecting drivers and passengers from airborne viruses and pollution

Safe, dependable public transport is key to keeping the country moving. AirLabs provides critical protection onboard buses, coaches, trains and subways, restoring passenger confidence while protecting driver health.

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Give drivers and customers the confidence to get back to business

Compact and easily installed, the AirBubbl filters out dangerous air pollution and airborne viruses while flooding the vehicle with clean, healthy air.

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Shield front-line workers from airborne coronavirus and polluted air

The AirBubbl extracts more than 95% of airborne virus particles, lowering the risk of transmission where people are in close proximity, such as ambulances, patient transport and other service vehicles.

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Protect drivers from air pollution that can be 2.5x higher inside their vehicle than outside

AirBubbl protects drivers from the physical effects of pollution and airborne viruses. Its presence also reduces the stress associated with pandemic conditions and where there are multiple vehicle occupants.

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Put yourself in control of the air that your family breathes

Ridding your vehicle of pollutants, airborne viruses and allergens, the AirBubbl can be set up in minutes, creating a clean air zone that protects you and your loved ones when you are on the road.

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Protect drivers and passengers
from airborne viruses and pollution


Advanced engineering that keeps people safe and healthy

  • Removes more than 95% of airborne pollutants and pathogens, including Coronavirus
  • Floods driver cabins and vehicles with 30,000 litres of clean air per hour
  • Easily attached to most headrests and other cabin fixtures

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  • Removes more than 95% of airborne pollutants and pathogens, including Coronavirus
  • Each device floods bus, train and subway passenger compartments with 30,000 litres of air an hour
  • Creates a continuous clean air zone around each passenger

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  • High-quality measurement of particle and gas pollutants
  • Enables low-cost deployment of dense ‘street level’ networks that complement reference stations
  • Delivers real-time, actionable data at neighbourhood and street level

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  • Air quality visualisation, analysis and forecasting at a street-by-street level
  • Accurate detection and analysis of hyper-local pollution hotspots
  • Highly efficient intelligence protecting individuals and communities

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Protecting frontline drivers and other essential worker

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Our solutions in action

Plymouth Metrolink (Minnesota) installs AirLabs’ AirBubbl air cleaning devices in 100% of buses to cut risk of driver exposure to COVID-19.

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Warrington’s Own Buses became the first bus company in the world to install air cleaning devices across its entire operational bus fleet to protect its drivers from the risk of airborne transmission of Coronavirus.

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Leading healthcare transport provider, the HATS Group, is fitting its vehicles with clean air technology to decrease exposure of patients to Coronavirus.

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