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- and back - seat drivers

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safe from airborne
coronavirus and pollution

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Safety belts and airbags protect our bodies when we drive. But what about the air that we breathe? Research shows that car passengers can be exposed to more than two-and-a-half times more pollution inside than outside the vehicle. As well as causing heart, lung and other diseases, increased exposure to air pollution can also result in more severe Coronavirus symptoms.

The AirBubbl from AirLabs protects you and your loved ones from these invisible, everyday threats from the moment you start the engine, to the moment you step out of the car. Compact and lightweight, with a clean, modern design, it removes more than 95% of airborne pollution and pathogens, including Coronavirus, while flooding the vehicle with 30,000 litres of clean air every hour. It also purges the interior of airborne allergens and other harmful materials including pollen, soot, mould spores, dust, dander and tobacco smoke.

The airborne transmission route is highly virulent and dominant for the spread of COVID-19. Find out Why we care

Ridding your vehicle of pollutants, airborne viruses and allergens, the AirBubbl can be set up in minutes, creating a clean air zone that protects your loved ones when you are on the road.

  • Removes more than 95% of airborne pollutants and pathogens, including Coronavirus
  • Floods the vehicle with 30,000 litres of clean air per hour
  • Even clean air distribution from front seat to back
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