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Protect drivers and passengers from coronavirus and pollution

Keep air in the vehicle healthy at all times

The taxi and private hire sector has taken a massive hit from the coronavirus pandemic. Customers are either trapped in lockdown or too anxious to travel in a commercial vehicle. Chauffeurs and drivers also put their well-being at risk every day, transporting front line workers to and from hospitals, schools and social care centres.

Pollution is another long-term worry. Research shows that the air inside vehicles can be more than two-and-a-half times more polluted than outside. Known to cause heart, lung and other diseases, increased exposure to air pollution can also result in more severe coronavirus symptoms.

AirBubbl from AirLabs tackles the challenges head on. It makes journeys safe for drivers and passengers by extracting airborne pathogens and pollution from inside the vehicle, while pumping clean air directly into the space around the occupants themselves. Easily installed on vehicle headrests and other fixtures, the AirBubbl restores confidence - and revenues to a sector hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown.

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Research has shown that airborne viruses can remain suspended and alive in the air for hours

Air filtration devices can significantly reduce the risk of exposure to airborne viruses

The AirBubbl by AirLabs is a compact, easy-to-fit air filtration device that removes more than 95% of airborne viruses and pollution. Producing more than 30,000 litres of clean air every hour, it significantly reduces the airborne virus load and with it the risk of infection.

As part of the AirBubbl package, AirLabs also provides private hire and taxi firms with advice and messaging that enables them to market new safety measures to customers.

Why is in-vehicle air filtration so important?

Maximize income
Being able to assure passengers that they are travelling in a vehicle that has the AirBubbl installed will make you their first and only choice when booking or hailing a ride. As part of the AirBubbl package, AirLabs provides a comprehensive package of support for private hire and taxi firms with advice and messaging that enables them to market new safety measures to customers.

Boost health
For drivers, working in a clean air environment reduces workplace anxiety and improves focus at the wheel, helping to reduce accidents by up to 5% 15 , and reduce sick days by up to 3% 14meaning more time is spent on the road, collecting rides, and generating fares.

Protect passengers
For passengers, they can be sure that however long their journey they are travelling safe in the knowledge that they are protected from increased transmission of airborne coronavirus, dangerous gases, particles, pollutants, and allergens including; PM2.5, PM10, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3)

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Clean air, from front seat to back

Customer testimonials

We installed the AirBubbl into our fleet of vehicles to provide confidence to our clients that we are going the extra mile to ensure their safety and welfare at the highest level. The feedback we have had from our clients has been very positive and the AirBubbl will remain in our fleet after the present situation returns to normal.

I believe that the AirBubbl, along with other measures I will be implementing, should help to make our cars as safe and healthy as possible when we come out of the current lock-down and resume business. I know business will be slow to start with, but at least I will be confident that we are making an effort and ensuring that our drivers and passengers are working in the safest environment we can provide.

Here at EA Chauffeurs we felt that the AirBubbl from AirLabs was the only item on the market at the moment - combined with our existing sanitising measures that would instil complete confidence in our customers that we were doing everything possible to protect their health during this unprecedented period.