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The only air purifier independently verified to remove 99% + of airborne coronavirus, toxic particles and gas pollutants

Getting public transport back on track after Coronavirus

Public transport is the lifeblood of the economy. Trains, trams and buses bring people to work and consumers to shopping malls, while connecting towns that are hundreds of miles apart. But transport networks have taken a massive hit from the Coronavirus pandemic. During lockdowns timetables have been slashed, while the travelling public lack the confidence to return to platforms and bus stops. Drivers are equally anxious.

In response transport authorities are working hard to introduce the equipment and protocols that protect their drivers and get people moving again. AirLabs air cleaning devices are compact, cost-effective and quick to deploy, enabling transport authorities to deliver clean, healthy air to drivers and passengers on board, in the station and on the platform.

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AirLabs air cleaning devices are compact, cost-effective and quick to deploy

Innovative air filtration technology

99% + coronavirus removal

Independently tested verified by the Institut Pasteur on live human coronavirus.

99% + air pollution removal

Tested and verified to filter more than 99% of toxic gases, particles and particulate allergens.

Exceptional clean
air delivery rate

Generates 38,000 liters of clean air per hour.

Low total cost of ownership

Requires no maintenance other than scheduled filter replacements.

Does no

Generates zero harmful byproducts, such as ozone.

Why is onboard air filtration so important?

Airborne coronavirus has the highest rate of transmission and that open windows and face masks provide only a degree of protection by slowing the spread of the virus rather than removing it from the surroundings.

The only way to fully protect drivers and passengers is to filter the air onboard and flood the bus interior with a non-stop supply of clean air. That’s where the AirBubbl delivers; each individual AirBubbl unit is capable of flooding the surrounding space with 38,000 litres of clean air an hour, dramatically reducing airborne particle concentration and risk of infection.

The AirBubbl is simply the best way to protect against airborne coronavirus and air pollution

The best protection for your drivers and passengers

Peace of mind for drivers

For drivers, working in a clean air environment reduces workplace anxiety and improves focus at the wheel, helping to reduce accidents by up to 5% 15 , and reduce sick days by up to 3% 14 . Good air quality can minimize costs and operational overheads associated with health insurance premiums and the need for replacement agency drivers.

Passenger confidence

All passengers, from the front to the back of a bus, train, or tram, are equally protected. With the AirBubbl in operation your passengers are able to travel with you safe in the knowledge that you are doing everything possible to minimize their exposure to airborne conronavirus , dangerous pollutants and allergens.

Tested to the limits, proven to protect

The AirBubbl has been tested to the limits by internationally renowned laboratories, such as the Institut Pasteur, and shown to effectively remove more than 99% of the airborne live human coronavirus.

The AirBubbl is tested and verified by The Institute for Energy & Environmental Technology (IUTA) to filter more than 99% of toxic gases, particles and particulate allergens such as pollen, dust, and dander.

Our solutions in action

Longleat Safari Park has installed almost 200 air-cleaning devices on its Safari Buses to protect visitors from COVID-19, as the site fully reopens to the public this week (17 May).

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The city of Turlock will become the first in California to install air cleaning devices across its entire operational bus fleet, as it looks to protect its drivers from the risk of airborne transmission of coronavirus.

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Plymouth Metrolink (Minnesota) installs AirLabs’ AirBubbl air cleaning devices in 100% of buses to cut risk of driver exposure to COVID-19.

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