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Getting public transport back on track after Coronavirus

Public transport is the lifeblood of the economy. Trains, trams and buses bring people to work and consumers to shopping malls, while connecting towns that are hundreds of miles apart. But transport networks have taken a massive hit from the Coronavirus pandemic. During lockdowns timetables have been slashed, while the travelling public lack the confidence to return to platforms and bus stops. Drivers are equally anxious.

In response transport authorities are working hard to introduce the equipment and protocols that protect their drivers and get people moving again. AirLabs air cleaning devices are compact, cost-effective and quick to deploy, enabling transport authorities to deliver clean, healthy air to drivers and passengers on board, in the station and on the platform.

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AirLabs air cleaning devices are compact, cost-effective and quick to deploy

Innovative air filtration technology

World leading Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Patented air flow design floods vehicles with tens of thousands of litres of clean air per hour creating a continuous clean air zone for drivers and passengers.

Protects against airborne virus transmission

Safeguard driver and passenger health by removing more than 95% of airborne pathogens, including coronavirus from bus, train and subway passenger compartments.

Advanced removal of particle and gas pollutants

Dual action filter technology removes more than 95% of harmful particle and gas pollution including; PM 2.5, PM 10, nitrogen dioxide (NO 2) and ozone (O 3).

Compact and easy to install

Easily attached to most headrests and other cabin fixtures, AirLabs devices are compatible with a range of mounting options and common power sources.


Supplied with a range of mounting brackets and fixing options, AirLabs devices can be fitted in most public transport settings including driver cabins and passenger compartments.

Driver protection

AirBubbl from AirLabs combines particle and gas filtration, along with patented airflow technology. This unique combination removes more than 95% of coronavirus particles, pollutants, and noxious gases including; PM10, PM2.5, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone. It floods the driver area with over 30,000 litres of clean air an hour, reducing airborne particle concentration and risk of infection in minutes.

Shielding passengers

AiroSafe is designed to remove airborne viruses and contaminated particles from the passenger cabins of public vehicles including buses, coaches and trains. It provides each passenger with a curtain of clean air by extracting air from all sides of the passenger seat and filtering more than 95% of airborne Coronavirus particles, pollutants, and noxious gases from the air stream. Using patented air flow technology, it then rapidly delivers the clean air directly back to the passenger.

Safeguarding stations

Pollution gravitates to stations and platforms, threatening the health of commuters and colleagues. AirLabs air filtration solutions for enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces are designed to deal with high levels of airborne particulate matter in addition to harmful gas pollutants. Coupled with AirIntel, our air quality monitoring platform, stations and platforms can be managed and monitored, and data shared with colleagues and customers to improve confidence and inform changes to the environment.

Our solutions in action

Longleat Safari Park has installed almost 200 air-cleaning devices on its Safari Buses to protect visitors from COVID-19, as the site fully reopens to the public this week (17 May).

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The city of Turlock will become the first in California to install air cleaning devices across its entire operational bus fleet, as it looks to protect its drivers from the risk of airborne transmission of coronavirus.

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Plymouth Metrolink (Minnesota) installs AirLabs’ AirBubbl air cleaning devices in 100% of buses to cut risk of driver exposure to COVID-19.

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