Protect your drivers from
airborne coronavirus and pollution

The only air purifier independently verified to remove 99% + of airborne coronavirus, toxic particles and gas pollutants

Protecting your workplace at all times

For corporate fleet managers the AirBubbl is a game changer. In an industry where the health and peace of mind of professional, commercial and industrial drivers and their passenger is business critical, it is essential that they are able to work and travel in the safest of environments.

The AirBubbl is designed specifically for the rigours of day to day use in commercial and industrial vehicles. Robust, efficient, cost effective, and easy to maintain, the AirBubbl provides an immediate supply of clean air exactly where it is needed - to the driver and their passengers every day, on every job.

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The airborne transmission route is highly virulent and dominant for the spread of Covid-19. Find out Why we care

Why AirBubbl is the only choice

99% + coronavirus

Independently tested and verified by the Institut Pasteur on live airborne human coronavirus.

99% + air pollution

Tested and verified to filter more than 99% of toxic gases, particles and particulate allergens.

Exceptional clean
air delivery rate

Generates 38,000 liters of clean air per hour.

Low total cost
of ownership

Requires no maintenance apart from scheduled filter replacements.

no harm

Generates zero harmful byproducts.

Why is in-vehicle air filtration so important?

Boost efficiency
For drivers, working in a clean air environment reduces workplace anxiety and improves focus at the wheel, helping to reduce accidents by up to 5% 15 , and reduce sick days by up to 3% 14. Good air quality can minimize costs and operational overheads associated with health insurance premiums and the need for replacement agency staff.

Protect employees
Work crews and passengers can be sure that they are able to work and travel to work safe in the knowledge that they are protected from increased transmission of the airborne coronavirus and toxic particles and gases

Tested to the limits, proven to protect

The AirBubbl has been tested to the limits by internationally renowned laboratories, such as the Institut Pasteur, and shown to effectively remove more than 99% of the airborne live human coronavirus.

The AirBubbl is tested and verified by The Institute for Energy & Environmental Technology (IUTA) to filter more than 99% of exposure to harmful particle and gas pollution including; PM2.5, PM10, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3)

Regulated, affordable, practical

The AirBubbl is built to rigorous standards and manufactured, and distributed according to EPA regulatory requirements and is compliant with Euro NCAP Tests Whiplash High rear and side impact, and ST-0791 Seat Integrity Test, front impact.

The AirBubbl meets California zero ozone emissions limits and is CARB certified for sale in the state of California. It is also compliant with UL 507 for electrical and general unit safety.

Cost effective and simple to fit, the AirBubbl requires little maintenance apart from scheduled filter replacement

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Our solutions in action

Warrington’s Own Buses became the first bus company in the world to install air cleaning devices across its entire operational bus fleet to protect its drivers from the risk of airborne transmission of Coronavirus.

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Red Bull takes pioneering step to install AirBubbl devices in fleet of 21 cars to protect drivers from air pollution.

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Plymouth Metrolink (Minnesota) installs AirLabs’ AirBubbl air cleaning devices in 100% of buses to cut risk of driver exposure to COVID-19.

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