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A fresh approach to fighting air pollution

Make no mistake. We are in the middle of an air quality crisis that is destroying the lives of millions of people every year. The statistics are harrowing. According to The World Health Organisation, air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk, responsible for seven million premature deaths worldwide every year1. In the past year, airborne transmission of coronavirus has added to the crisis, forcing governments, policy makers and businesses to completely rethink the way they monitor and control air quality, especially in urban centres.

This global catastrophe goes to the heart of the AirLabs mission as one of the few companies that develops both air filtration and air quality monitoring systems. Our advanced technology not only cleans air in indoor and enclosed settings, but also provides governments, businesses and communities with actionable air quality data that can help improve the health of the communities who are most at risk.

The airborne transmission route is highly virulent and dominant for the spread of COVID-19.

The human cost of pollution

7 million premature deaths

WHO reports that air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk responsible for seven million premature deaths every year.

Reduced life

Pollutants not only stay behind in your lungs, they also enter the bloodstream and are dispersed throughout the body getting into all vital organs. Long-term exposure to NO2 has been directly linked to lung cancer, cardiovascular mortality, as well as increasing the risk of respiratory problems1.


Ozone (O3) is the main component of smog and greenhouse gasses. Some hydro-carbons that contribute to O3, are considered toxic and can have a detrimental effect on asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Babies and

Long-term exposure to pollution has been directly linked to decreased lung function in school aged children, low birth weight of newborns and increased risk of respiratory problems2.

The values that drive our business

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Air quality is a basic human right

Addressing the challenges of air pollution is not a quick fix. It will be the work of many years and even decades in the pursuit of sustainable systems that benefit everyone, not just those in developed countries.

Even as priorities shift, our foot will remain firmly on the accelerator. Reduced dependence on fossil fuels and net zero carbon targets play a crucial role in lessening the impact of climate change and pollution. But record temperatures, devastating wildfires and drought will continue to impact air quality, even when every vehicle is powered by green energy.

: Both an agile innovative business, but also committed to the long-term fight against air pollution

The fight against pollution must be sustainable and we are committed to meeting today’s needs without compromising future generations. At AirLabs our engineers are focused on developing systems that minimize energy consumption and reduce dependency on natural resources. This includes using electro-static plates instead of high density HEPA filters, nanocarbon filters that can be regenerated, and smart sensor technology that automatically shuts down devices when they are not needed.

Looking to the future we envisage a world of connected sensors and air cleaning systems that predict hour-by-hour conditions in buildings and streets with the same level of precision achieved by today’s weather warning systems.

Trust and transparency: based on hard science, peer research and openness

We are optimists at heart. We believe in the power of science to transform lives, and the good faith of policy makers who are committed to the well-being of citizens. This philosophy is engrained in the fabric of what we do. All our solutions are stringently tested, researched and backed by science. We never compromise or cut corners in our pursuit of innovation and original thinking that accelerate the delivery of solutions to the air quality crisis.

We also believe that great user experience and industrial design go hand in hand. From the control panels on our air filtration devices, to the dashboards that display information on our air quality sensors, we focus every detail on the needs of the user.

Our people: Making the difference

Our heritage

Founded in 2014, AirLabs air filtration and air quality monitoring systems are today used by transport operators, cities, businesses and private citizens across the world. As our business grows, we stay true to the vision of our founders including Chief Science Officer, Matthew Johnson, who continues to lead our innovation in the pursuit of cutting-edge technology that meets this global challenge.

We have always believed that diversity is the key to success and our team of experts includes PhDs and professors of recognised universities, colleges and international institutes. We collaborate extensively with research institutions that lead the way in atmospheric chemistry and airflow engineering, and continue to partner directly with businesses, organisations and authorities to build the solutions they really need.

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