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AirScape’s user-friendly map provides actionable information in a level of detail and accuracy that didn’t exist until now.

The world’s densest air quality sensor network
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AirScape is a cornerstone of community engagement, taking collective action to solve the problem of air pollution. There is not enough public funding to roll out an initiative of this scale. By raising private funding from individuals to large corporates, we can accelerate change and save lives. Add your name to our growing network of sponsors. There's never been a better time to invest in the health and well-being of your community. Get in touch now.

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    Are we slowly poisoning ourselves?

    Air pollution has been around for so long, we think it’s normal.  A chemical cocktail of pollutants in the air is an invisible threat to our health and well‐being.

    How can you act if you can’t see the air pollution you’re exposed to? 

    Where existing air quality monitors fall short, we know that air quality can vary quite dramatically by time of day, and from one side of the street to the other. Some air pollution blows over from other countries and from around the world, but mostly the problems are hyper-local, street by street, within meters of their source.  

    AirScape creates a picture of the city, with a level of detailed, real data that didn't exist until now. 

    Free to access, AirScape gives a bird’s eye view of how air quality varies street to street, minute to minute. Using award winning AirNodeTM sensors, this level of insight is unprecedented anywhere else in the world.

    From in-depth information to collective action

    Our ultimate aim is to improve the air quality in local communities through actionable information. To raise awareness and work together to influence policies that affect air quality and bring about targeted initiatives where everyone benefits. Watch the BBC London News coverage to see how the first installation of AirScape can accelerate change by making the invisible visible.

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