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According to the World Health Organization, air pollution has become the worldโ€™s single largest
environmental health risk.


Street-level air quality data in real time


Extremely versatile and free to access, AirScape creates a picture of the city, making it easier to pinpoint the most problematic sources and address them. For the first time ever, street-level air quality data in real time enables individuals, communities, and decision makers take action for clean air for everyone.

Letโ€™s use real data to improve the quality of the air that we breathe – for better outcomes of health, fairness and inclusivity.


Play your part in positive change

AirScape is a cornerstone of community engagement, taking collective action to solve the problem of air pollution. In most cities, there is not enough public funding to roll out an initiative of this scale. By raising private funding from individuals to large corporates, we can accelerate change and save lives. Add your name to our growing network of sponsors. There's never been a better time to invest in the health and wellbeing of your community.

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in the fight against world's single biggest environmental health risk.

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for a sustainable ESG framework.

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that has a clear and positive impact on our planet and humanity.

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