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How air pollution affects us

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Addressing the challenges of air pollution is not a quick fix. It will be the work of many years and even decades in the pursuit of sustainable systems that benefit everyone, not just those in developed countries.

Our research scientists share decades of experience, making important breakthroughs in understanding how air pollution contributes to climate change. Even as priorities shift, our foot will remain firmly on the accelerator. Reduced dependence on fossil fuels and net zero carbon targets play a crucial role in lessening the impact of climate change and pollution.




Using innovative mechanical engineering and design, our low cost sensors can be deployed in dense urban networks to collect high-resolution air quality data at a local level.


API data can be used to feed learning algorithms that analyse and predict air quality in real time while supporting the development of effective long-term clean air strategies.


Air quality and climate change are inextricably linked. AirScape is committed to supporting policymakers responsible for air quality and the impact of a changing climate.

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We build sustainability into our products. Our low cost, award-winning AirNode sensors, have efficiency and longevity built in. This includes the energy required to power our devices.

Street-level air quality data in real time


Urban air pollution is one of the greatest risks to health worldwide, causing nine million premature deaths every year. To tackle this threat, many cities are using air quality monitoring stations to address the harmful impact of pollution. But these large and expensive devices often lack the granular detail to make decisions at the neighbourhood level where people are most affected.

The award-winning AirNode is designed to take these initiatives to the next stage, adding a layer of street-level detail to the data gathered by existing reference stations. Typically deployed in dense networks, these low-cost sensors gather real-time data and incorporate unique self-calibration functionality that significantly improves accuracy.

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Free to access from any computer or smartphone, enables individuals, families, businesses and community groups make informed quality of life decisions to protect themselves against the harmful effects of air pollution.

The AirScape heat map makes it easy to see complex air quality data at a glance. It uses a vector heat map that consists of 10 levels indicating increasing levels of health concern. The outlines of these layers accurately and conveniently represent the air quality in that particular place and time.

This revolutionary dense air-quality monitoring platform delivers actionable data to support clean air zone policies and enforcement for corporations, governments and authorities around the world.

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We are pioneers in clean air technology backed by strong academic partnerships, rigorous research and data.

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