We believe clean air is a human right


Air pollution affects everyone, everywhere

Poor air quality in cities has been around for so long, we go about our lives thinking it’s normal. A chemical cocktail of pollutants in the air is an invisible threat that can make anyone seriously ill over time. We especially need to look after the young, the old and the vulnerable right now.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

With AirScape, we provide the most detailed air quality data to communities and decision makers around the world, to help them reduce air pollution exposure.

Through a collaboration of public and private enterprise, we aim to inform the everyday quality of life decisions to improve health and wellbeing in 200 urban spaces across the world.

The power of data
for the planet and humanity

Our Vision

A world without air pollution related

deaths and illnesses.

Where clean air is

a conscious thought, easily accessible,

whoever you are, wherever you are.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower a generation
to make informed quality-of-life decisions
with reliable air quality data.

Our Values

We act with honesty and integrity in everything we do.
We are all proud owners of the challenge.
We are global pioneers/leaders.
We achieve more through collaboration and open-mindedness.

Our History


AirScape launches to the public


Rensair acquires AirLabs’ air filtration business


The world’s densest air pollution monitoring network installation begins in the London Borough of Camden


AirScape (previously AirIntel) provides advanced modelling and predictive analytics


Using filter technology developed for Stella McCartney’s London store, and the first clean air zone installed at Delhi gurdwara, the AirHavn Pro room purifier is released.


AirBubbl, the first in-vehicle air purifier using medical grade HEPA filters, goes on sale in the UK


The first generation AirNodes are deployed in Marylebone Station to monitor the ‘clean air zones


AirLabs pioneers clean air billboards and street furniture


R&D Lab is founded by our CSO Professor Matthew Johnson at the University of Copenhagen


AirLabs is incorporated in London to tackle the air pollution crisis