The Green Construction Site of the Future

Minimising the environmental impacts of construction


Construction sites often cause noise and pollution, while idle times add to the contractors’ costs. The
Green Construction Site of the Future project aims to tackle the issues of noise and pollution that are
typically associated with construction sites. The project’s goal is to identify low-impact methods and
processes that can be carried out to minimise the environmental impact of construction activities.


AirScape Denmark provides real-time monitoring of air quality and noise on and around the
construction site using sensor technology. The project involves converting construction machines to
electricity and other alternative fuels and establishing CO2-reducing energy systems. Other
interventions include dust control technologies and alternative methods for driving piles and grinding.
Digital tools and logistics optimization are implemented, and a digital twin is used to document
driving and opportunities for reducing emissions. Sensors measure PM, NO2 and CO2, and a heat map
shows the impact of actions taken. Also, sensors are placed on individual vehicles to track their impact
on air quality and noise. This monitoring provides transparency and documentation of the project’s
impact on the environment and nearby residents


The project is set to conclude by December 2023, providing evidence of the most climate and
environmental impact for the money. Participants include Per Aarsleff A/S, AirScape Denmark,
Alumichem A/S, Purefi A/S, Cat’s Field, DCE, Aarhus University, Aarhus University – Engineering, Volvo
Construction Machines, and Institute of Technology. The project is supported by the Danish
Environmental Protection Agency’s MUDP program and is carried out in close cooperation with the
client, Ejendomsselskabet Olav de Linde A/S.


The Green Construction Site of the Future project reduces construction site impact through innovative technologies and processes. AirScape’s real-time monitoring of air quality and noise, along with the conversion of construction machines to alternative fuels and the implementation of CO2-reducing energy systems, will help minimise the impact of construction sites on the environment and surrounding communities. The project will provide valuable insights into the most effective green initiatives.


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