Bancroft’s School

Air pollution risks your children's health and performance


Your contributions will help us install and maintain air quality sensors around our school buildings.


Real-time actionable data will enable us to take steps to minimize the children’s exposure to outdoor air pollution. Air pollution is known to impair brain and body development, trigger asthma attacks and make the symptoms worse.


With the data, the school will be able to address policymakers and bring accountability to polluters and to add air cleaning systems when needed, making sure all kids breathe clean, healthy air while at school.


Through alerts on your phone, you’ll be able to take a cleaner route to school. Or you can use them to keep a vulnerable child at home.


If we can raise more than our target, we can help other schools around us that could not otherwise afford to pay for their own sensors.

Air pollution affects everyone, everywhere

Poor air quality in cities has been around for so long, we go about our lives thinking it’s normal. A chemical cocktail of pollutants in the air is an invisible threat that can make anyone seriously ill over time. We especially need to look after the young, the old and the vulnerable right now.

Long Term Effects

Impairs lung development
Heart disease
Depression and anxiety
Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
Asthma and chronic lung disease

Short Term Effects

Headaches and migraines
Reduced cognitive performance
Reduced concentration
Increases transmission of viruses
Triggers asthma symptoms
Premature birth and low birth weight
Increases respiratory infections

Introducing AirScape

  • 1Actionable air quality data to build awareness and create the change you want to see 
  • 2Protect the children and be alerted about spikes of air pollution at the school (monitors/screens with real time data)
  • 3Understand the problem - how much air pollution is at your school and how does it vary during the day and school year?
  • 4Identify sources and define actions to reduce exposure on children (nearby traffic, construction sites, etc)
  • 5Assess the impact on children and personnel health (compare your exposure with WHO and US standards)
  • 6Engage parents and community - everyone has a role to play to reduce their contribution and exposure (walk to school, etc.)

Street-level air quality data in real time

AirScape has been installed across the London Borough of Camden. If we can extend this network to every school in London, all parents and children can make timely decisions to avoid poor air quality. Additional contributions can go towards helping other schools that might not have funds to support this important initiative.

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