The only way to guarantee compliance and protect people from air pollution

The European Union is preparing to update its Air Quality Directive, slashing the exposure thresholds for NO2 and PM, and bringing them into line with the recent recommendations of the World Health Organization.

This expert opinion, from the most respected voices in the atmospheric chemistry community, recommends that dense networks of low-cost air pollution sensors be included as an integral part of monitoring programs, as the only way to guarantee compliance and protect people.

“This article provides an informed opinion on selected features of the air quality directive that we believe would benefit from a reassessment. The selected features include discussion about

(1) air quality sensors as a part of a hierarchical observation network,

(2) the number of minimum sampling points and their siting criteria, and

(3) new target air pollution parameters for future consideration.”

Opinion: Insights into updating Ambient Air Quality
Directive 2008/50/EC

They argue that the best way to get the job done, the only way, the cheapest way, is to install high density sensor networks across high population density areas in Europe.

AirScape provides street-level air quality data in real time. By supplementing the existing monitoring stations, we help cities come into compliance with the coming revisions to the EU exposure limits.